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The Grill at Whispering Woods Cabins

Open for Lunch & Dinner
11am - 9pm • Tuesday - Sunday

Reservations Recommended

Click here to download our catering menus. Custom catering menus are always available to fit your taste and budget.

Blue cheese wedge salad, chicken salad and caprese kabobs fruit skewers luncg buffet set up
Street Taco Station Sign Street Taco Buffet set up, beef, chicken, and fish tacos mini dessert station set up
Smoked Salmon with toppings meat and cheese display and smoked salmon  
bread bar with silverware and plates bread bar whispering woods employee setting up the buffet
pita bread and dip grapes, black and green olives, cheese and pickles bacon onion jam, pineapple jalapeno coleslaw, tomatoes
mini pies mini banofee and pumpkin pies, pecan bars catering buffet setup
chocolate mousse shooter, white chocolate macadamia nut cookie, mini apple pie hush puppies fruit platter
carrots, celery, bread and dip mini sandwiches carving station
buffet catering catering appetizers 2 catering appetizers 1
dessert shrimp lettuce cups
mini banofee pie  lobster rollls containers hold original marshmallows, coffee marshmallows, and vanilla marshmallows
s'mores catering bar 2 s'mores catering bar 1 sriracha honey lime chicken, mini lobster roll, vietnamese vegetable sriracha roll
Oktoberfest buffet 6 Oktoberfest buffet 5 Oktoberfest buffet 4
Oktoberfest buffet 3 Oktoberfest buffet 2 Oktoberfest buffet 1
beverage bar with bowls of pink sweet in low packets, white sugar packets and lemons beverage bar  Cartering buffet with heating lamps
 Carved beef tenderloin, with bowls of caramelized onions, horseradish creme fraishe, and blue cheese  buffet at a catering event  Carved beef tenderloin, caramelized onions, horseradish creme fraishe, blue cheese
 dessert bar at a catering  hot buffet for catering  Catering
 catering a fall party  drink station set up with tea, pink sweet in low, white sugar packets and lemons  wraps, rolls and cole slaw
Fall party Catering buffet set up for a fall party Catering buffet set up with salad and silver serving dishes